Our Process

STEP 1: CHOOSE YOUR STONE MATERIAL AND COLOR We provide a wide selection of granite, marble, quartz, limestone, soapstone, travertine, and onyx in our stone yard. Our friendly sales representatives are delighted to assist you in choosing your countertop material.


STEP 3: CHOOSE YOUR SINK. We offer a variety of sink options for your kitchen, bath, laundry, or bar.

STEP 4: SET UP IN-HOME ESTIMATE Please speak with one of our sales representatives about setting up a time for your FREE in-home estimate.

STEP 5: SCHEDULE TEMPLATE You will need to schedule a time and date to have a countertop template made for your new countertops. We can make this template with or without your existing countertops. However, your cabinetry or other application foundation must be set in place in order for an accurate template to be made.

STEP 6: PREPARE YOUR SPACE FOR INSTALLATION Before our installers arrive to install your new countertops, we do ask that your sink and cooktop cabinet(s) be cleaned out. You will also need to clean off your existing countertops if we will be responsible for removing them. Any new under-counter appliances will also need to be installed prior to arrival. We also ask that the installers be given clear access to your installation space.

STEP 7: INSTALLATION OF YOUR NEW COUNTERTOPS Please have your faucets, cooktop and any other necessary cutout accessories available at installation.